Back in 2011 my friend Robert Hall professionally know as the rapper ‘Logic’ released a self titled record called “Mind Of Logic” on the it featured a songstress with a unique voice. Her name was Camille Michelle Gray. Two years later on a whim I reached out to Camille on a whim to collaborate with me on my own music. It was a success however pending business blocks it’s release for now. Since then the two of us have formed an artist-producer relationship. Before this turns into a longer paragraph I’d like to introduce Camille’s debut piece of original music. Baby Better Run produced by myself. Preceding a full project release in the future. (It’s also a departure from my EDM duties) Thanks!

-The Odd American Out

Where I’ve Been

Late October I took a hiatus from social media. A pretty long one. From October 23rd, 2013 to today, I haven’t updated any of my outlets and with good reason. The distractions of the internet were beginning to make me sick, I hadn’t really put any serious work into my craft for months and was riddled with set backs. It had reached a breaking point to where I decided I just needed to unplug.

During my silence I was able to actually complete a lot of material, some of which a lot of you will hear soon, whether your a friend, family, or a supporter. I’ve been able to reevaluate my personal life and my professional goals. Looks like now all I have to do is set them into motion.

Thanks for wondering or waiting if you care. Talk soon.

-The Odd American Out

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